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Travel & Booking Assistance: Reserve and schedule flights, hotels, conferences, etc.

Content Creation: Create simple newsletters, banners, posts and pictures for Social Media or Websites using current company brand.

Client Relations Management: Assess what platform may be best used for business and/or manage current platforms.

Document & Form Creation: Create, develop and modify documents and forms such as sign in sheets, contracts, templates, professional letters, announcements, fliers.

Data Entry: Enter or update data into a computer system or database.


Research: Create spreadsheets with compiled data to identify best products, ideas, projects, etc. Assist in researching ideas, products, companies etc.



Email Management: Assess whether email is effectively being used. Implement and maintain email organization and email follow-ups.



Project Management: Plan, prioritize, and manage projects and deadlines. Manage events online using platforms such as Eventbrite, Facebook and Instagram.



Database Management: Assess filing and data input process. Implement and maintain the best way to manage, organize, store and access company information.

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