Updated: Nov 9, 2018

Defining Who I Am

While creating my blog and website I encountered a lot of situations that would have normally forced me to take a long break; ultimately slowing down my progress and bringing my vision to a halt. However, God granted me grace, strength and the will to GET. IT. DONE.

Thank God for growth!

You see, I am approaching thirty on December 26th...WHOOP WHOOP! and I am just learning what it means to be bold in myself and not care about what other people think and I don't mean that in a cold, unsympathetic way. Fear has a way of crippling your desires even when you do not realize it. Fear shows itself in different ways and in my case fear fueled my procrastination and I did not realize it until recently. Not completing tasks, putting obligations, conversations and responsibilities to the back burner were all because I was fearful about addressing the real problem...whatever that may have been.

My freedom adds to who God has called be me to be and being open about the areas He is continually working on. For the longest I have desired to SIMPLY "BE FREE!" But, its not so simple if you think about it. It takes consistent introspection, consistent prayer and relentless determination to love yourself more each and every day.

Building a business is not easy.

Loving yourself is not easy.

Being free from condemnation is not easy.

Being consistent is not easy.

To keep going after being knocked down so many times, even if your the one knocking yourself down, is not easy.

And I am not telling you anything you don't know already, but I want to send encouragement for my first blog and to let you know you're not the only one that may have ever felt this way. Shoot! It reminds me that I'm not alone and to live loudly and freely.

"My Freedom is LOUD!".... How powerful is that? Its His desire for me, its my desire for me and its my desire for you. Live loudly! Live vivaciously. Complete your goals. Whatever has held you back ---> BE FREE and be LOUD about it. Share your stories, share your experiences. Too often we hold in what we have learned and it hinders others not to be encouraged. It hinders our children to repeat cycles; creating generational curses. I definitely don't want to hinder myself or others. So I am going to rock my freedom!

"My Freedom is LOUD", how about yours?


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