To restore order and reduces the amount of time used for daily operations a small business, entrepreneur, executive or busy individual may use to focus on. To assist in productivity by leveraging their time so that higher priorities can be managed. 


We achieve optimal client satisfaction through:

  • Individual assessments that provide insight to what tools and organizational techniques will be the most beneficial for streamlining tasks and project management

  • Consistent communication and openness

  • Valued client relationships through client-centered and customized services


"Leveraging your time so that you can focus on higher priorities." 

A Plus Management is an establishment that provides administrative and project management services to help clientele focus on higher priorities in their lives. 

A Plus Management was birthed with the goal of simply helping entrepreneurs focus on their businesses bigger picture.


Alicia has always had a keen sense of organization and has work with many entrepreneurs and professionals who have helped mold her talents before she began devoting time into building APM (A Plus Management). She has served as:

  • the organizer and administrative assistant for New Level Academy of Bridgeport, CT

  • the Assistant Director of Dubois Scholars Institute of Princeton University

  • the personal assistant of Kimberly Wright-Thomas of Sky Enterprises

  • the virtual assistant for TK Consulting & Design of Atlanta, GA. 


In addition to her work Alicia enjoys being a wife and mother. She creates many DIY projects with her son and two daughters. She enjoys being creative and strives to have the has the highest regard for servanthood, hospitality and excellence. ​​